The Mondial de l’auto

The Mondial de l’Auto, the precursor of international automobile shows, was created in France by the pioneers of the automobile industry and will celebrate its 124th anniversary in 2022.

Mondial de l’Auto: one of the biggest car shows in the world

The Mondial de l’Auto is also one of the world’s leading car shows in terms of attendance. The event is the meeting place for all car enthusiasts with more than 1 million visitors and more than 10,000 journalists, 52% of whom came from 100 countries, who visited the Porte de Versailles in 2018.

Mondial de l’Auto: new products, world premieres and concept cars

A privileged meeting point between manufacturers and the public, the Mondial de l’Auto allows everyone to admire, touch, try out and even buy the cars of tomorrow. Over the past 88 editions, the Mondial de l’Auto has witnessed the evolution of techniques, styles and uses. Here, enthusiasts from all over the world have been able to discover hundreds of thousands of innovations, such as electric cars from 1898, thousands of world firsts, such as the brand new cars with hydropneumatic suspension in the 1950s, and hundreds of concept cars, such as crossovers, hydrogen-powered cars or even flying cars.

2022 Mondial de l’Auto : the showcase of the automotive avant-garde

Driven by the automotive industry, the 2022 Mondial de l’Auto is intended to be the showcase of an industry at the forefront of innovation and progress.

Electric cars, hybridization, hydrogen, alternative fuels, futuristic design, driving aids, on-board technologies, active and passive safety systems… The 89th edition of the 2022 Mondial de l’Auto showcases the central role that the automobile will play in the mobility of the future.

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