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Octobre 2024


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From 14 to 20
Octobre 2024

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A popular radio station, neither elitist nor populist, RMC offers unrivalled proximity to its listeners, accompanying them in their daily lives to share their problems and give them the keys to understanding all subjects. Rooted in its time, with constantly evolving technological innovations, RMC is a radio station on the move, with a wide range of media including radio, TV, digital and podcasts. Keeping it simple, speaking the truth, RMC’s constant aim is to be at the cutting edge of the major issues of concern to the French.

RMC is a general-interest radio station whose programming is organized around two main editorial areas:

  • information (5am to 3pm)
  • sports (from 3pm to midnight)

As the second-largest private radio station
(in the 13+ demographic), it attracts 3.2 million listeners every day, who enjoy constructive debate, information on major current affairs, and the strong emotions generated by major sporting events.
As the only radio station to open its switchboard throughout the day, it gives a very large place to its listeners, direct witnesses of current events and their implications for their daily lives.

Constantly evolving to keep pace with listeners’ new habits, RMC’s radio/TV/digital offering is extremely effective on mobile devices, social networks and podcasts: on digital, it is France’s leading private radio station and second-largest radio station, with 21.8M active listeners per month. It also has 31.7M podcasts downloaded (April 2024 figures).

From 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., RMC’s radio programs Charles Matin, Apolline Matin, Les Grandes Gueules and Estelle Midi are broadcast simultaneously on RMC Story, a DTT channel.

Renowned for the quality of its sports programming, RMC holds the monopoly on sports, with 24M cumulative podcast downloads for its three second-half programs, from 3pm to midnight (the Super Moscato Show, Rothen s’enflamme and l’After Foot).

On the strength of these successes, aware of its role as a support network and keen to answer listeners’ questions, RMC is stepping up and strengthening its digital presence, while maintaining a strong on-air presence with its flagship weekday and weekend programs (La Matinale Week-end, Les Grandes Gueules du Sport, l’Intégrale Sport, l’After Foot, Bartoli Time, Stephen Time)

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